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The TCM Community presents:


"the meridian connection"


This lecture outlines the correlation between stretching meridians in

Yoga and specific acupuncture points to enhance the effect of the Yoga pose.

You will be introduced to myofacial releasing by way of pressure points in

Meridian Yoga and there will also be an opportunity to experience the powerful effect

of needle manipulation by the lecturer, combined with Meridian Yoga poses

during a practical workshop with the guidance of certified Yoga teachers.

Be sure to enroll in advance for this unique event.

The event took place on November 19th 2022 in Paramaribo, Suriname


Dôpey Calor is an international lecturer, licensed Acupuncturist, licensed Clinical Herbalist & Massage Therapist specializes in electro-acupuncture, neuro-acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and various oriental manual therapy styles.
He studied Chinese Medicine at the University of Beijing, CACMS and the  University of Nanjing in China, Shenzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Amsterdam, Qing Bai Academy of Chinese Medicine in Breda The Netherlands, Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok and International Training Massage School (ITM), Thailand

Professional positions:
Founder and Managing Director of I-LOTUS Chinese Medical Center
President of the TCM Community (Independent Global TCM Platform)
Director of the Dutch Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress (DTCMC)
Co-Founder and Director of SAN BAO Chinese Medical Education Center
Council Member of the Speciality Committee Board of Fuyang, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Marketing strategist for Stichting Qigong Therapy

June Reyke and Tirzah Robles De Medina are experienced and certified Yoga teachers

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