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Autism and Acupuncture by Dr. Julian Scott

Autism and Acupuncture by Dr. Julian Scott MA, Phd, Cert. Ac

Chinese medicine is not confined to (plant-based) drug therapy to the extent that orthodox Western
medicine is. The practice is truly holistic. It includes acupuncture, physiotherapy (under the name Tui-na),
remedial exercises (under the name Qigong), meditation practices, diet, lifestyle and more. All these different branches of medicine are integrated in the sense that a single diagnosis is relevant across
the whole compass of therapies. For example there are restaurants in China where you can order a meal
(which is both delicious and therapeutic) based on a diagnosis that you obtained from your doctor.

For the first time, a clear description of the unique perspective of Chinese medicine on autism, how it develops, and how (and when) it can be helped. The unusual ideas are presented in a way that parents can easily understand, while, at the same time providing enough detail for the experienced practitioner.

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