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The Aftercare of Covid-19 infection

The Aftercare of Covid-19 infection by Dr. Yang Yifan

This book particularly discusses the aftercare el COVID-19 infection, its diseases that share the same symptoms and pathology in traditional Chinese medicine. Clear and detailed discussion on symptoms and their causes after COVID-19 infection make individualized formulas

- 20 classic formulas and 20 acupuncture points for practical use in a busy clinic
- Recommended gentle Tui Na massage for specific group of patients
- Proper food selection and special exercise as daily supporting
- 7 common syndromes and their complete management as a guide and good examples
- Valuable tips in Note and cautions of therapies from author's experience.
- Including a section of theories and diagnosis of infectious diseases in Chinese medical history.

This book is written for both experienced and new practitioners and therapists. It can be read throughout, or as a handbook to quickly access the needed part. It benefits the work of acupuncturists, herbalists, dieticians & therapists

Dr. Yifan Yang is an experienced practitioner and lecturer of traditional Chinese medicine
Her books Chinese herbs and formulas are already well known to students and practitioners.
This new book follows her easy-to-follow and easy-to-use style the management after COVID-19 more effective and efficient.

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